Sep 26

I’ve Got My Website… Now What?

So you’ve gotten your new website online. Whew! The hard part is done, right? Not necessarily. A common misnomer about marketing on the web is that getting online is the key to all the world’s riches. But wait: there’s a step missing in there. You’ve got your site, but no one knows it’s there yet. Okay, don’t panic… what do you do now??

This is where the “rubber hits the road”, so to speak. Your website is up, and now it’s time to drive traffic to it. There are so many different ways to achieve this. Before you get overwhelmed, just take a breath, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s review your options:

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  1. Search Engine Placement
    Search engines are absolutely essential in today’s marketplace.Think about the way you access the information that you’re looking for online, what steps do you take? You built a website, the demographic for your website is online and most online users use a search engine to begin their search for a service or a product. Let’s use Google as an example, Google processes over 1 billion search requests per day. If you are not manually submitting your website to the various engines available, spiders still query throughout the internet looking for relevant articles and websites that will automatically list your website on their searches.

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