Sep 26

Strategic Sponsorships – Getting something for (almost) nothing.

Everywhere you look, you see marketing, spoAbby Sunderland is sponsored by Shoe City on her solo-circumnavigation journeynsorships, guerilla marketing. Whether it’s simply to get a message out, or to truly market your company, opportunities for growth are everywhere. It’s often said that the best form of advertising is word of mouth, and there is little more to be said about your product and the way you affect your customer’s lives than if they are wearing your logo, have your credo pasted on their car or likewise. For example, take ShoeCity… I’d never heard of them until this little 16yr old Abby Sunderland decided to go circumnavigating the globe in a 40′ open yacht that has “Shoe City” scribed alongside the hull, this company went  Read More

from me never hearing a word of them to knowing who they are checking out their site and even posting about them in today’s blog, all because they put their logo on the hull of her boat. When you sponsor events, people, sports teams, etc… people notice. If you have the means to make accessible some necessities for a cause, be it charitable or not, those people tend to take notice and spread that positive marketing in a good way towards you. If you want to make your business succeed, a great website isn’t going to be the only thing you are going to need. You will have to strategically plan your partnerships, your marketing strategies, spread your dollars deliberately across multiple mediums to ensure that you are repeating your message in the most influential manners, and pound pavement, talk to everyone you meet about the great product you have. Excitement is contagious and if you can get people interested in what you have to say, you’re that much closer to turning your words to dollars.

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