Sep 26

Tarpon Springs Web Design is Now Design Dish!

As everyday closes a new day must open, and with great joy and pride, I have the privilege of putting Tarpon Design to rest. Well, maybe not to rest… In all actuality,tarpondesign2 Tarpon Design is as alive as ever! But, after a careful analysis, and being tired of non-locals mispronouncing “Tarpon“, or asking what a Tarpon is, where Tarpon Springs is, what does it do, etc, etc… I’ve decided to retire the Tarpon Design jersey and move forward with a stronger name, a stronger brand, and more cuoth than ever. So to settle any questions, Design Dish is Tarpon Design, but think of it as on a global scale. Best Buy couldn’t have gotten as big as it did if it was named “Charleston Electronics” and to allow Tarpon Design to grow into its’ full potential, I’ve decided a restructuring of sorts is in order. I love what I do more and more everyday, and I want to continue to do it until I die or retire, not alot of people can say that, but I’m more than proud to be one?of the few that can.

Design Dish is also twice the size of Tarpon Design.

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DesignDishLogo-BlackNothing is going away. We’re still in Tarpon Springs, all websites, graphics, etc.. will still be handled in the same manner, the only difference now is that instead of having one guy that does everything, we now have a team of designers and programmers to toss around ideas, brainstorm on strategies and deliver YOU a better product. There are alot of exciting changes coming in the months ahead, and I look forward to growing alongside our local Tarpon Springs clients and meeting new clients from around the Tampa Bay area and beyond as this new chapter unfolds.

New name. Same great service. Same great price.

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