Sep 24

How to Use Chrome to Quickly Search Specific Websites | Gadget Lab |

How to Use Chrome to Quickly Search Specific Websites | Gadget Lab |

Google Chrome does an excellent job of automatically adding search queries to your Chromebar. But if you’ve been a longtime user, there are probably some that don’t work. For instance, Facebook’s Graph Search changed the URL to search Facebook, and if you had the previous search query in your Chrome, it won’t work anymore. Here’s how you fix it: 1. Go to Chromebar settings. You can find it by plugging chrome://settings/searchengines into the search bar, or right clicking and selecting “edit search engines.” 2. Scroll to the very

Mar 1

How to Protect Your Site From Becoming a Phishing Portal

You’ve heard of “phishing”, but do you know how it works, or why it does? Follow this scenario to learn how: Frank the fisherman has a small bait shop with a basic WordPress website on a shared hosting account with just a simple little “about us page, a contact form, maybe a map of how to find him and a few blog posts from when he first built his website in 2011. His site looks nice, but he doesn’t get a ton of traffic, as his main target

Feb 26

How to Prevent Your Website From Becoming a Target for Hackers

Many hacked websites go weeks, months or even years unnoticed, and most website owners only find out that they’d been compromised when they get a notification from their web hosting provider. Unless a hacker wants to get caught, you’ll find that most will try to remain undetected for as long as possible. Personally, I’ve found that the most dangerous hacks are the ones that do not affect typical website behavior or company email. Many people assume that because their website is hosted on a secure server that the

Feb 24

Website Security, and Why It’s So Freaking Important.

Aside from providing web development services, we also have the unique opportunity to partner with a leading web hosting and datacenter management company, IDAGroup, better known in the consumer market as “Hosting Direct“. This unique partnership has not only benefited our clients, but it has provided us with a unique insight into various web development practices, helping us develop, improve and fine-tune our procedures by pointing out what they call, “the wrong way of doing things”. Over the past few years of our partnership we have had the

Sep 26

I’ve Got My Website… Now What?

So you’ve gotten your new website online. Whew! The hard part is done, right? Not necessarily. A common misnomer about marketing on the web is that getting online is the key to all the world’s riches. But wait: there’s a step missing in there. You’ve got your site, but no one knows it’s there yet. Okay, don’t panic… what do you do now?? This is where the “rubber hits the road”, so to speak. Your website is up, and now it’s time to drive traffic to it. There