CMS – Content Management Systems

Frustrated because you just want to change a couple lines on your website? Unable to get a hold of your web developer to make changes? We specialize in Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and others… putting you in control of your online presence. Using these tools allow you make changes on your site like adding a new product, updating contact information or even writing an article.

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There are several CMS options that each bring something different to the table. The top 3 are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. When it come to the majority of business, more often than not the WordPress CMS offers all the features needed to maintain you site with relative ease. However for more complex sites you may choose one of the other 2 options.

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Within the few years WordPress is stepping up as a true CMS. However the other two, Drupal and Joomla, have seemingly always been fighting for that top spot in the community. Both are developed with thousands of members in their community helping to develop and extend the possibilities of use for the end user. While WordPress is considered the underdog in the CMS war, it is most definitely the king of blogging software (something that Joomla and Drupal struggle to do efficiently).

However, even where each has its flaws and each has its strengths. Design Dish has built websites with Joomla and Drupal and WordPress. It just depends on what you need it to do, your familiarity with the system, and how long you have to work on that program. In fact, that is something that is misunderstood by many people – if you don’t like using Drupal, that doesn’t make it less valuable, it just makes it less useful to you!

During the design process we walk our clients through the CMS software to ensure that we have selected the right system for your website.

In order for our clients to have the CMS that best meets their needs, below we’ve included a brief summary of each platform with pros and cons.